Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Twilight Zone: The Parallel

The Parallel: 1963Director: Alan Crosland, Jr.Writer: Rod Serling

Watching this particular Twilight Zone episode makes you wonder.  I really makes you think about the subtleties of life, and if that "off day" is really our bodies entering for just that day, into a parallel universe, that is just a little "off".  Like getting off the wrong side of the bed, or the feeling of deja vu. 
A man goes into space, to orbit the earth, leaving his wife and daughter behind. While in space, something causes him to black out, and he wakes up in a hospital bed.  The doctor and the scientists are all there when he wakes up and they ask him what happened.  He said that he has no recollection, only that he blacked out. 

During the course of his stay at the hosptial and subsequently, his return home, he notices very subtle changes.  He notices that he is now a Colonel, and not a Major, like he was.  He notices that he has a white picket fence around his home, when he never remembers it.  He finally kisses his wife and they both know that it is not the husband or wife that they remember.  Even his daughter realizes right away that the man in front of her is not her father.Eventually, he gets called into a meeting with the scientists, so he can identify the space craft that he came in.  The scientists are not able to identify it, saying that it is almost identical, but not the one that they remember sending out.  The astronaut, eventually runs toward the spacecraft and somehow ends up back IN the space craft and eventually returns home to his true world, as he knows it.  

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