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Release Date: August 2, 2013
Ajay Bahl
Writers: Ritesh Shah (screenplay)Actors: Shadab Kamal - Mukesh
Shilpa Shukla - Sarika "aunty"
Dibyendu Bhattacharya - Johnny
Lal's Rating: 6/10

I have never imagined that I would watch an Indian Movie quite like this. 
It was so very dark, and did not have the normal happy happy ending that I have gotten so used to in Indian movies.  I probably would not watch it again, but it was worth watching the first time.
It gets in your head...
Especially the trust issue underlying the entire movie, the connecting thread. 
Whom can you trust?  Whom do you trust?  And how do you even know if the decision you are making is the right one?

SYNOPSIS: (Spoiler Alert)
Mukesh, a simple college student starts living with his Aunt, after his parents pass away in a car accident.  He is going to college and trying to support his sisters.  He meets Johnny while hanging around a cemetary trying to play chess.  Johnny is so excited that he has found someone to play chess with, that they become friends.  Johnny ends up coming in and out of his life and ends up being a key player in the story at the end. 

He meets Sarika "aunty" at a Kitty party that his Aunt thrown, and Sarika seduces Mukesh.  He falls for her, and she teaches him how to seduce and sleep with other women for money. 
He continues to do this, giving Sarika a portion of the money he makes and sending money for his sisters. 
Mukesh is happy with the money he is making, but he is afraid that his money will be stolen by his cousins in his aunt's home, so he went to Sarika's home and gave it to her for safe keeping.  While he is there, Sarika tries to seduce Mukesh again, but this time, Sarika's husband walks in and finds them together. 
He is beyond angry and Mukesh runs off.  Sarika's husband twists the story of Mukesh and Sarika, and tells Mukesh's aunt that Mukesh is not a good person.  Eventually Mukesh gets kicked out of his Aunt's home.  He goes to the only friend he has, Johnny.  Johnny is very nice to him and gives him a place to stay.  But Mukesh is obsessed with getting his money back from Sarika.  He gave Sarika his money just before her husband caught them together.  Finally, Mukesh asks Johnny if he can go to Sarika and ask for the money back. 

Mukesh waits and waits for Johnny to come back.  When Johnny does come back, he says that he does not have the money, but he really did get the money back from Sarika. 
Mukesh is so angry with Sarika.  He ends up going to her home and he demands his money.  Sarika tells him that she gave back his money to Johnny, but Mukesh thinks that Sarika is lying.  He kills her (stabs her) in a fit of rage. 

Later, when he fled the crime scene, and went back to Johnny's home, he could not find Johnny anywhere.  Johnny had taken all of my belongings and moved to an Island, far far away. 

Just then, Mukesh realizes his blunder.  He had trusted Johnny who ended up betraying him and he did not trust Sarika, whom he should have trusted.  Instead, he killed her.  Mukesh then flees from the police and the last scene is when Mukesh jumps from a building, plunging to his death.  The screen goes blank.  Its the end of the movie. 

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