Friday, April 27, 2012

"Framed for Murder" a Lifetime Movie Network Movie
Created: 2007
Director: Douglas Jackson

As usual, a twisted movie about a relationship between two sisters.  One was older, and was always the more responsible one.  The other sister was younger and the one who was always getting into trouble.  Everyone felt sorry for the younger sister and doted on her.  The older sister started to despise her younger sister over the years.  

The older sister was also married to a very rich man, whom she did not love.  She had an affair, which we learn through the course of the movie, with her younger sister's husband.  Then at some point, she kills him and frames her sister for murder.  Its unclear why she kills her sister's husband.  It may be that she didn't love him anyway, or that she wanted him out of the way, and she wanted to frame his murder on her sister in order to fill out a bigger plan which was to kill her husband.  Her husband was worth a lot of money and there had to be someone who could be pinned on her husband's murder.  She set up her sister to be just such a person.  

So, her younger sister went to jail for killing her own husband.  After 8 years, the younger sister was released, and the older sister continued to build on her plan to kill her husband and frame her younger sister for it.  The older sister was now in love with the HandyMan and she thought of ways to kill her husband, and for her handyman to do the dirty work.  

The older sister made her younger sister to appear as though she was crazy and delusional.  She made it seem as if her sister was always fighting with her husband.  
Then, one day, the handyman knocked out the younger sister, killed the older sister's husband and brought the younger sister to the murder scene where he place a gun in the younger sister's hand.  

Eventually the younger sister's friends help her to get the older sister's confession on tape.  And that's the end of the movie.  The older sister escapes and the handyman gets shot.  

It was a thriller and a good movie, with twists and turns, but overall, it was not the best movie that lifetime had to offer.  :) 

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