Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Check out Dine In Movie Theatres!!  (IF they are near your town)
I promise you won't regret it!!


I could never have imagined that I would be served dinner while at a movie theatre, and still be able to watch the movie will little to no distractions.  

There are 3 dine-in movie theatres in New Jersey so far, and there are 9 total dine-in theatres across the Continental United States.  

Specifically, there is one Dine-In Theatre in each of the following states: 
Kansas, Missouri, Georgia, Texas, Florida and Arizona.  And according to their website, there is one coming soon to Ohio.  

There are three tiers to dining in.  The top is the Cinema Suites, where you get a plush recliner all to yourself and individual service for ordering your lunch or dinner.  Cinema Suites are for 21 and over only.
The next on the rung is called Fork and Screen which serves guests 18 and over only, unless accompanied by a parent.  I would imagine that Fork and Screen may have more going on during the movie as far as servers speaking to other dine-in customers with children.  
Lastly, is MacGuffin's which is a bar right outside the theatre where you can drink before the movie, then come by afterwards for drinks and food.  In this last option, you cannot take any of the food with you into the theatre.  

I've only tried the Cinema Suites so far, and it was a tremendous experience.  I will not be able to watch another movie again in a regular movie theatre hall.  I was so relaxed and comfortable, especially being able to order a drink and then have a great dinner which was reasonably priced, unlike the regular movie halls, where I end up spending an arm and a leg for popcorn and a large Coke.  

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