Monday, June 29, 2009

KARMA KAFE "An Indian Bistro"

505 Washington Street
Hoboken, NJ 07030

LalQ Rating: 9/10

A very small, but quite trendy and busy restaurant on Washington Avenue in Hoboken, NJ. The staff was efficient and professional. We even got hand wipes at the end of dinner and free dessert! Rarely do I come across places where they dish out free dessert and hand wipes!
Ironically, earlier one of the waiters, in an attempt to move out of a customer's way, had a plate of Gulab Jamun just to the left of my husband's nose! My husband commented that the Gulab Jamun was so close he could grab them off the plate and eat them without the waiter even noticing.
Later, we got the same Gulab Jamun's free for dessert. Coincidence? Maybe...
This place opened in 1999.  I did not know that it has been open for so long!!


  1. Hi LAL
    Thanks for writing about us. Just want to make a correction. Karma Kafe opened in November 1999 and not in 2007 as it says in your blog. Thanks again for the feedback. Hope you will keep coming back!!!
    The Management of Karma Kafe

  2. Thanks for the correction Tina!! I have made that correction in my blog! We will definitely be back! :)