Monday, June 29, 2009


Manager: Tony Leon
3569 State Route 1
West Windsor, NJ 08540
Phone: 609-520-9700


A typical American Cuisine, and not as classy as Olive Garden or Bertucci's, and that's not saying much; but it certainly had its flair.
With the choir school nearby, many of the vocalists are working part time as waiters. They were only too eager to show off their talents and at the mention of someone's birthday or graduation, they burst out into their robust accolade; serenading the said person in the limelight.
Over-worked waiters made for us patrons having to request several times for certain basic elements, such as water, and the essential condiments (salt, butter, pepper).
The final touch was Cold Capuccino and our take away was forgotten in the kitchen until we actually requested it.
Being in the area designated as West Windsor, a much sought out community, I expected much better service and was sadly disappointed.
Most likely will not go here again.

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