Monday, June 22, 2009


Director:Rakesh Omprakash Mehra
Writers:Prasoon Joshi (writer); Rakesh Omprakash Mehra (writer)
Release Date:18 February 2009 (United Arab Emirates)
Running Time: 141 Minutes

A movie about an Indian boy who has grown up in the United States and has to return to India when he is in his 20's and all grown up. He has to go to India in order to take his grandmother back home. His grandmother wants to spend her last days in India, and she wants to live in the home she always knew, which is now old and deteriorating.

It is a coming of age and a sort of Self-realization and of acceptance.
The "Americanized" boy soon comes across forces in India and cultural rules he is unfamiliar withand defiant to. He faces those forces head-on, almost arrogantly, and without fear. But he soon learns that India has its own Rules. Rules that are part of the texture of the town. He slowly learns to adjust to the country he is inherently from.

The boy eventually learns to love his country and he decides to stay on in India, despite all of the controversies and hurdles he encounters. For beneath the superficial fire and chaos, there is an inexpressible love and heart in India which completes him. He also falls in love with a neighbor's daughter and in the end they prance off into their own oblivion.


  1. i didnt like this movie at all. did u?

    1. I did... liked it very much. :)
      I liked the songs in the movie too!