Tuesday, April 14, 2009



1407 second Avenue
NYC, NY 10021
(212) 535-1100

The food here was excellent. For some good Persian food, I would recommend this restaurant to anyone. The food was not very spicy, but very tasty and elegant.
The ambiance itself was lacking. I have been to other restaurants where the staff and the ambiance were to die for, but it was tolerable. No one was rude or disgruntled with their jobs. But there was a sense of coldness in the air.

For starters, we ordered:
1. Baba Ganoush: An Eggplant blend with spices which we had with pita bread, a virtual staple of the Persian Diet.

I ordered my usual Lemon Chicken Kebab, which was a lemon-marinated chicken cooked to perfection served with Basmati Rice, a grilled whole tomato, and vegetables. I was especially happy that they removed the chicken from the skewers. Its one of my pet peeves to have to fight with the skewer to remove the meat. I always end up flinging the meat somewhere and that usually doesn't go over well with the other patrons.

2. Lamb Chops: Lightly marinated lamb served with vegetables and rice. The meat was especially juicy and succulent.

Unfortunately, the meal was so good, that I ate it all and had no room for dessert.
Next time I may have to go to Persepolis just to try the dessert.

Overall and nice experience. A must for anyone interested in trying Persian.
Not related to the Persepolis in NYC, an interesting site to visit is www.persepoliscuisine.com in Atlanta, GA. The website is beckoning.

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  1. This sounds delicious! i dont think i have ever had persian cuisine before. yum lamb!!!