Sunday, April 22, 2012

Movie Title: "In God's Country"
Release Date: 2007
Actors: Kelly Rowan, Richard Burgi
Genre: Suspense/Drama

This is a truly sad movie to watch.
Its a story about how religion can and does exploit families and women of all ages.
The story is set in the 1990s in the Midwest, where polygamous families reside.  They are not doing anything against the law because they don't actually get married in the court or any government recognized traditional fashion.  Instead, they get married in their church; this is the way the work around the law.

The leaders formed a community based on fear of the outside world, and the leaders create a kind of "safe haven".  The women are taught to be fearful of anyone outside of their community and since they are brought up in only one way, this is all they know and trust, so it is very difficult to get out to the outside world, and see that things are done so differently.
This is not based on a true story, however there are true stories that are very similar.
The Blog: "Movies Based on True Stories" can show you more true stories that you can watch and see for yourself how close this story is to a true story.
The story has a happy ending, yet it is very true to life and bittersweet as well.  

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