Sunday, January 15, 2012



Director: Hal Masonberg
Writers: Hal Masonberg, Teal Minton
Actors: James Van Der Beek, Ivana Milicevic and Brad Hunt
Released:September 5, 2006
Running Time:88 min
My Personal Rating: 2 Stars

"If anyone should offer their soul, He will deliver those who were subject to slavery all their lives."
-Based on a Clive Barker Book

The Plague is based on a world where all kids are in a coma, and who wake up as monsters.

There are 123 children. Two of the children wake up normal, but they are eventually killed. Only 2 normal humans are alive. The kids kill everyone in the town. Eventually, one of the normal good humans figures out that he has to give himself up and spread love and peace. The children left become slaves of the woman he gave his soul for.

A bloody movie, full of violence and negative energy. Not sure I would recommend this book.
If you like bloodshed and violence then this is the movie for you.

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