Sunday, August 9, 2009


Director:Roland Emmerich
Writers (WGA):Roland Emmerich (story)
Roland Emmerich (screenplay)
Release Date:28 May 2004 (USA)

Have you ever wondered if "The Day After Tomorrow" had any truth to it?
The movie, made in 2004 is almost convincing even when I watched it for the tenth time.
The story begins with "the breakup of the Larsen B Ice Shelf in Antarctica in March 2002" which is a true Ice Shelf that scientists are currently watching. This makes the movie very convincing right from the beginning.
I found a USA Today Reporter, Jack Williams who wrote an article about the science behind the movie. He interviwed David Adamec, a NASA oceanographer who has a Bachelor's, Masters and Ph.D in Meterorology and uses computer models to study future trends and climate change.

David Adamec said that the "flash freezing was really pathetic". However, there are some scientific theories which were used as a basis for the movie.
1. That the warm climate would slow the Gulf Stream and could cool Europe and other parts of the Northern Hemisphere.
2. When the last ice age ended, part of the Northern Hemisphere cooled abruptly. This could plausibly happen again.

Let's all hope that something like that movie should never happen....ever.

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