Saturday, July 4, 2009

"8 x 10 TASVEER"

Director:Nagesh Kukunoor
Writer:Nagesh Kukunoor (writer)
Release Date:3 April 2009 (India)

This is a story about a man,named Jai who has the ability to transport himself back into a picture and to visualize events as they occurred by the person he focuses on in the picture.
However, each time he goes into a picture, and into the past, he looses a bit of himself, and he becomes extremely weak. If he stays in the past longer than one minute, he can never come back into the present.
His abilities started when he was younger, and experienced a tragic, horrific event which shook his very being and changed his life. Since that time he had gained this other-worldly ability of being able to go back in time.

One day, his estranged father was killed and while on his death bed, his father was trying to tell Jai that he did not just have a heart attack but that he saw someone who was the killer. Jai was tormented with this knowledge, and kept trying to prove that his father's death was not by natural causes but was in reality a murder.
Each time he tried to convice everyone of his theories, he was accused of not allowing his father to rest in peace, and he was accused of becoming delusional and crazy.
Soon, Jai feel in love with a woman, and he did try to forget, however certain events kept occurring which brought back that same aching feeling that something was not quite right.
After many twists and turns in the movie, the finale was a bit crude, violent and bloody. The love of Jai's life turned out to be a woman who was really in love with Jai's twin brother, Jeet. Yes, Jai had a twin brother, who was actually supposedly killed in the traumtic event that occurred in their childhood. Jeet was found by a villager who tortured him, and he was never found by his family. Jai grew up in a wealthy setting. Jeet, filled with anger and rage vowed to avenge his brother, believing that his brother pushed him off a cliff and created his horrific life.

I did not like the ending when Jai convince Jeet that he loved him and that the whole thing was an accident. It was too dramatic, and unreal. It was crazy how Jeet just believed Jai in a matter of a few seconds. Just enough time to ward off a bullet aimed at Jai by his betrothed.

An extremely rushed ending to an otherwise beautiful and deep movie. Another more fluid ending could have been thought of.

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