Monday, April 6, 2009

"PAGE 3"

Page 3
Konkona Sen Sharma AS Madhavi
Boman Irani AS Deepak Suri
Tara Sharma AS Gayatri
Director : Madhur Bhandarkar

One of my dear friends, the author of recommended this to me.

The movie was a revelation into the inner lifestyles of the Rich and Famous and how they have no real connections in this life. Each relationship good or bad becomes about what they can draw out of each other. They have no real enemies and no real friends.

One journalist is the protagonist who is the eye through which we see the other characters of the movie. She first believes that her job is meaningful, but soon realizes as she digs deeper into her own associations, friendships and romances that she is not at all like the other actors, or the famous. She is a simple girl who wants her career to have meaning. So she starts writing for the criminal aspect of the journal. She gets in deeper than she can handle and finds out about the person responsible for funding the paper itself.
What she finds is disturbing to say the least. She wants this news to go to print but she soon finds out that no one, including her boss is willing to put their jobs on the line for the truth and for justice.

She utlimately gets fired and rehired on another paper as a columnist for the Rick and Famous, a job she hates.
But she soon finds comfort in knowing that she was meant to be bigger and better an that she was not like the people she danced around while on the job.


I thought it was a good movie, showing the glitz and glamour of the high life and ultimately shows us, the lay person and the middle class that we maybe "better" people, good people and that we should be happy to be just who we are.
It shows that some people's lives are so tied into how people perceive them. They believe in the materialistic aspect of life.

It asks the question, "Are these people really, truly "happy" with their lives and what they do?

The Protagonist is living her life by her own principles which is how she can be truly happy and it begs to ask us that same question. "Can all of us go beyond our materialistic world to reach a state of our own inner nirvana?" Can we all go on with our jobs, as she did and still be happy?

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