Monday, April 6, 2009



Starring : R Madhavan, Neetu Chandra, Sachin Khedekar, Murli Sharma
Director : Vikram K. Kumar
Language : Hindi
Genre : Thriller
Banner : Big Pictures
Release Date : Mar 6 2009

This is a completely twisted movie that kept me guessing until the last few moments of the movie. It drew me in completely.
Now, you have to understand that I am not fluent in Hindi, so I have to keep the subtitles going at all times just under the film that is going on; yet, the movie still intralled me.

SYNOPSIS:This movie is about a man and his extended family who move into a haunted home. The poltergeists are trying to tell him something using the television as a medium. The idea is that ghosts can use the television and other electronic devices, such as a cell phone as a medium to communicate with us, the living.

Our protagonist ultimately figures out that the family who is haunting him is actually a family who has been murdered 30 years ago. The murderer is a man, who they show as "the doctor", a well-renowned individual in the community.
The story is of a doctor's vengence on a family, whom he believes killed his brother. The doctor's younger brother is in love with one of the family members, a young girl. She does not feel the same way toward him and the doctor's brother commits suicide.

The doctor is so angry and heartbroken, that he vows to kill the family and that he does. He blames the entire murder on one of the family members, a young mentally handicapped brother. The mentally challenged brother is unable to defend himself and gets thrown into prison for life.

The entire story is opened out like those Russian Dolls, revealing ultimately the little doll in the end.


Any wrong deeds done today will always come back to haunt you tomorrow.
Your actions today will mold the rest of your life and what your future will hold. Be wary of what you do or say for even if you think you are affecting one person, you will really be affecting 10 other people.

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