Thursday, April 16, 2009


1655 - 195 Oak Tree Road
Edison, New Jersey 08820
Ph: 732-549-5050


I have to say that Moghul is just not one of my favorites. As much as I adored the spacious feeling at "Rasoi", I hated the cramped inkempt air in Moghul. The wait staff might as well have not even been there; this is how much of an impression they had on me.
The Buffet was spread out on the entrance level, with barely any room to walk; the seating was on a sligtly elevated level in a U shape surrounding the center area, containing the buffet.

The Buffet was nominally expensive, about double that of "Rasoi". And I truly expected the food to taste twice as good. But sadly, it did not.
It may have been the ambiance, which as much as we want to just taste the food and rate the food itself, the ambiance has a lot to do with what the over-all feeling of a place is.
I can hardly recall what I ate. I do remember however that the Gulab Jamun (an indian sweet dish) was outrageously watery, which just left me with a not so fine farewell of the restaurant, "Moghul". I will most likely not go there again.

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