Wednesday, April 29, 2009



275 E, Rt 4 (Westbound)
Paramus, NJ 07652

Mantra is another Diamond in the Ruff.

I've actually been there more than a handful of times, I dare say. Yet something about Mantra draws me in each time.

It is a relatively quiet Restaurant, which you may actually miss if you are not looking for it. It sits at the corner of a string of stores, such as the Thomasville Gallery. And when you do finally find it on Route 4 West, it looks from the outside as though it was closed and dead inside. But WAIT!!

If you do venture inside, the Restaurant is completely PACKED! Its beautiful, and cozy ambiance adds to the magnetic feeling that draws me in each time.
As you enter, you are facing an exquisite lounge called Nirvana.
You'll be greeted by a very enthusiastic Matre'd who will bring you to your seat.

We were waited on consistently and constantly all night long. It was a good feeling not to have to wait for the waiter to make eye contact with you so that you could ask him for a glass of wine or Tobasco sauce. The waiter were without fail, attentive. More so than any other Restaurant I have ever been to.
The meals I have had there have been varied. I have tried almost everything on the menu and each time I go, I realize why I keep coming back.

The last time I was there, I left my phone at the Restaurant. It must have fallen out of my bag. And the minute I came home, about 15 minutes after I left the restaurant, I got a call from the Manager who said that he had my phone. The manager was so helpful. He even offered to stay for another 10 minutes so that I could come and pick it up, but sadly, I was almost 20 minutes away, and there was no way I could go back.

Any how, even though I lost my phone, it was a great experience.
Highly Recommend this Restaurant!

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