Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Hot Peppers
Website: indianhotpeppers.com
Location: 761 Rt. 33W. Suite 104, East Windsor, NJ 08520 (Near Gold's Gym)
Phone: 609-448-3615

LalQ Rating: 9/10

This is truly a Diamond in the Ruff.  A rare find...

The staff is courteous, and the restaurant, although a typical take out, it does have plenty of room to sit and have a meal without feeling too cramped, as many takeouts feel.  It has so much room in fact, that it almost feels like a nice casual lunch place, and even a casual dinner place.  I wouldn't go there for a nice romantic dinner, but it does have that relaxed, "at home" atmosphere.

I did notice that they do charge you $1 surcharge if you sit in their seating area to eat, instead of taking it out.  It doesn't bother me, since I mostly take out from there, but I can see how that would upset some people.  It is unusual and can lead to problems.
If I were management, I would just increase the cost of some of the items, to make up for the $1.00.

The food is very good, and I keep going back again and again.  Its as if I made the food myself in my kitchen.

I wish their website would list the names of the chefs and the managers.  It would add to the classy look and feel of their website.  :)

Kudos to Hot Peppers!!

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