Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Larry Crowne

I just saw Larry Crowne last night. It was nice to see Tom Hanks acting after so long. I wish he would act in more movies! I really miss him. But the casting with Julia Roberts is really weird. It was strange and unnatural to see him smooching her... Almost like they should just be friends. Meg Ryan and him are great on screen together... but Julia Roberts??!! Just weird.
The story gave me lots of motivation. I left the theatre having found a new belief in myself and my abilities. I think that I can do whatever I make my mind up to do... I woke up early, worked and actually went to work out today. I played tennis at the wall on my own, which I have never done before... well I haven't done that since I've been married. And I will give Larry Crowne that credit.
My better half even started looking up business schools...I will have to say, Mr. Crowne.. you definitely motivated us...

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