Sunday, July 17, 2011

Forensic Files: "The Stephen Holmes Story", Hundreds of Reasons

Stephen Holmes was an assistant manager of a Steakhouse. While closing the Restaurant, he was stabbed over 40 times. He was almost decapitated.
8000 Dollars was missing from the Safe at the Manager's Office, so it was assumed that the motive was robbery. The restaurant had several surveillance cameras.

1. Finger Prints on a manila folder which was badly smudged.
However, the computer was unable to find a match.
2. Passive blood drops were found near a sink in the restaurant.
The DNA of this blood was compared to the DNA profiles collected of all the family members and Stephen's best friend. However, they did not have enough evidence to convict him.
Finally, they found out that right after his friend's death, the killer used the money he stole from the restaurant to pay off a debt that he had. The police now had motive.
He was convicted of murdering his friend.

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