Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Sharon Joag "No Title" First aired July 30, 2003

Gene Brown, a man who murdered Richard Thomas Smith on July 19, 1991. He was on Crack-cocaine at the time, and he was happily married with a son. Two women who were also in the home during the attack were brutally stabbed, but they survived miraculously.
Gene Brown went Barefoot into the home that night, and found him by his footprint, which he left on an invitation which had fallen to the ground. He said that he went barefoot because he wanted to keep quiet when he broke into the home. He wore his socks on his hands, so that he wouldn't leave any prints.
Unfortunately for him and fortuantely for the victims, he left his footprint at the crime scene, and authorities were able to get a warrant to take Gene Brown's footprint and they found a match!


  1. Should have received the Death Penalty. He can kill another inmate, guard,or any prison worker, possibly escape and kill again.

    1. He deserved execution--took a coward's way out. Three hots and a cot in prison is not punishment for a psychopathic killer. Next thing, the bastard will discover religion and feign regret for an extra cheeseburger every Tuesday. Bastards and butt holes ARE Brown!

  2. Bastards and butt holes are every color - just look in the mirror.