Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Has anyone seen the movie The Broken?
I watched it at night, and it was unseething!
The review I am about to give you is a total if you haven't watched it yet, and like to watch crazy horror films, please don't read on. You may want to see this one!


The movie starts off with a young woman, Lena, who goes out for a family dinner. At the dinner, for some reason, a mirror capturing the image of the entire family at the dinner table (obviously quite a large mirror) falls and shatters, unexplicably.
After that, Lena, the main character sees herself driving an SUV down the street. She is shocked to say the least and follows the woman, ending up in her apartment. From then on, her life is like a blur.. she ends up in a car crash, and starts to feel as if her family, beginnning with her boyfriend is not her real family/friends.
All of her close family has changed somewhat. What we find in the end, is that the mirror has created Dopplegangers who are out to destroy the true people and take over their lives. These Dopplegangers are the people in our mirrors that we see everyday, and who are forced to do what we do. But now, the Dopplegangers are free to come out and take over the real people's lives.
True to its name, the Dopplegangers are evil and have no soul. In mythology a family member who sees a loved one's Doppleganger is regarded as a bad omen, and Seeing your own Doppleganger is representative of your own death.
How do you like that? Has anyone out there seen their own Doppleganger??!!

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