Sunday, June 7, 2009


Writers:Gulzar (lyrics)Manisha Korde (dialogue)
Release Date: 12 February 2009 (Australia)
Running Time: 137min

Another very nice Hindi flick about the depth of friendships and character of people. It is a present day story based on the age old tale of Krishna and Sudama. Two boys grow up in the same town, each having their own struggles and each helping the other in their own ways.

One of the boys grows up to be a famous actor. And he other is wrought with despair and struggles through life. The rich actor finally comes to a town where his friend happens to live. The poor friend does not want his rich friend to think that the only reason he wants to be friends is because his friend is rich. But the poor friend does tell his children that he was friends with the actor when they were young. His kids and later his wife start spreading rumors around town and the entire town comes to know that he was friends with the rich actor.

The movie plays out and shows how the towns people love the poor Barber when they find out that he has a Rich friend. And later when the Poor barber is not able to deliver on his promise to bring the actor to meet the townspeople, the people of the town act in such a base manner;even setting the police on him, claiming that he is a fraud. This part of the movie reallly bothered me. How could people behave in such a manner and love you only for your connections?
It maybe true in reality. Actually, it is true in reality but seeing it played out on screen really hit home.
Later, the actor is invited to speak at the local school on the last day and he starts to speak very fondly of his friend and how he loves him and remembers him to be the very reason for his success. His friend the Poor Barber hears this and memories flood back.
A beautiful story of friendship and the ties that bind us all. And a reminder to never forget where you came from....

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