Sunday, May 10, 2009




I entered this restaurant on my way to find a welcoming, and cozy place to have a nice mother's day lunch. The cynic in me took over when I entered this restaurant, and no one was seated at any of the tables. The only person in the entire room was an older looking gentleman, with a smile on his face. He asked us if we had Reservations...
I balked internally thinking, "There's no one here! Why are you asking me if I have reservations? Does it really matter all that much to you? You should be happy that I am here." But my husband answered in my staid, and he said, "No, we don't."
We were seated right away, the four of us, my parents, my husband and myself. We ordered two main dishes and our regular Tom Yum Soup and Steamed Dumplings.
The food was simple, not too spicy, yet extremely tasty!
We found out through our conversation with the owner at various times that the Restaurant was named after his wife, and her name, "Lawan" meant "beauty".

We continued having our lunch, and enjoying every bite. Just as we were in the middle of lunch, there were 5 other families of 4 or more who walked into the restaurant... and they HAD reservations! Go figure! The cynic in me was laid to rest. One of the customers even bought the owner a bouquet of flowers! Now that's a vote of confidence that we saw...
The fried ice cream left much to be desired, but the tasty sweet Roti was incredible. It was in fact something I had had before when my very own mother made it for me, but she called it another name. Never-the-less, I enjoyed my lunch and I do think that I will go back there again!
Yay for Thai!

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